born again by Design

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WORDLESS DESIGN  have come up with a concept that I've been searching for; I never send gift cards anymore especially now that I'm a design student, I feel quilty, and lazy if I were to buy one - it should be designed by myself...after all I am the designer. Even the gift wrap we can design ourselves, it's not difficult I think it could be quite rewarding because personal touches may be added and this could make the receiver feel extra special! However there is a 'but'... But I can never find the right amount of time at the last minute to put something together, but don't get me wrong I do go in and try something out first... 

 Sealed with a KISS = Keeping It Stupid Simple, and I love it. Less is better!

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hera Big has made it big quickly and impressively as his, Lucas Sharp's, first typeface. He's hit the spot with many users from MyFonts including myself. Lucas has achieved an agreeable mix, and I quote: "in a contemporary mood 
of exuberance and playfulness..."

Lately I'm favoring the finer weights of typefaces and indeed I really like the extra fine weight, 'Lighting' in this image it's beautifully rounded and ends 
well with their sprouting tails.
I'm slightly put off by the 't's' in lower case, it seems it needs to be wider 
within the counter, it's looking a little flimsy and out of place compared to how 
strong the others look on the baseline... that's how I see it - what do you think?

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I was a little surprised by this cover design especially for a restaurant magazine. I don't look at restaurant magazines often but I'd expect to see the main title of the most wanted restaurant accompanied by an image possibly of the interior / exterior of the restaurant on the cover but this is something different, even though you do see the word 'design' first in the 'Extrafine' font which I have a thing for...
... Extrafine designed by Miko Ramirez
I favor this type of script to most because of it's multiple strokes, it appears more natural this way. I've always admired peoples good handwriting skills, I like to sit and study the curves and strokes of someone's handwriting and that is what this font had me doing, and I really like the roundness of some letters. I prefer Extrafine in a smaller point size than the larger, it suits it's name this way but also it doesn't loose it's sweet delicateness.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

TIME perception

One of the most interesting workshops to go out and extend 
on came out with some rather appealing outcomes. 
This 'moment of time' came up spontaneously, and 
with the perfect candidate, Samir Aissa
this aftereffect is amusing!

'the talk' showed 
off the perception of time 
through a series of snapshots. I'm still 
fascinated by the amount of various emotions 
one can characterize over a short duration of time.

Friday, 20 May 2011

which one would you buy?? And WHY?

Dilemma in the supermarket
This was my first time buying granule coffee off a shelf, seriously, this type of coffee is all the same to me at the moment since I have no buying experience as appose to machine coffee - so I thought I'd go solely by 'the look' of the product! Straight away Carte Noire espresso was the chosen one, it dominates the top shelf in it's slick black outfit and almost into my basket it went when I read the words: 'Green' 'Antioxdants' and that was that the health fanatic in me took over and woops the Nescafé Green went into my basket..

Thursday, 19 May 2011


The result of this workshop was interesting. Working individually or in groups 
of two's, but still as one team, we were asked to design each section of the map with the specific requirements set by Jo Spencer by only using type design, and collaborating with our neighbors on either side of us to achieve the same hierarchy of design.
However Sylwia and myself worked on and had our own ideas, embarrassingly we did not join forces with our class mates on the same format of type but instead came up with a more detailed approach which DID stick out like a sore thumb (similarly, which we did have after this...)
Although we tried to be as detailed as possible as instructed on the brief, 
I think this could be a good example of 'too much information' at one time. 
When I look at the other sections of the map I see them to be more interesting, 
the arrangement of the font size and also there is space to breath! 
Our repetition catches ones attention for a while for then it gets boring.
So as a workshop extension to this I will design my way around a map with 
only the information I need to get from point A to B...
Do you know where this is?